The Springsoft water conditioner will soften the water and provide immediate results. Sparkling dishes and glassware, brighter laundry, soft feeling clothes and fabrics, plentiful soap suds, maximum effectiveness of soaps and detergents while using less, soft smooth skin, silky hair and reduced build-up of scale on plumbing, fixtures and water using appliances. These appliances will last longer, operate more efficiently, save energy and be more environmentally friendly.

Springsoft water conditioners may also be used to filter significant amounts of iron which can cause yellow staining and a foul metallic odor. Water conditioning by ion exchange softening is also a widely accepted method for radium and barium reduction.

A Springsoft demand water conditioner assures soft water while operating at maximum efficiency. Regenerant is used only when necessary. This reduces cost, prevents wasted energy and provides consistent soft water.