Single Tank

The Springsoft single tank water conditioner consists of one stainless steel media tank and one regenerant (brine) tank. These units are available with either a time clock or meter demand control module and can regenerate up to once per day.

Twin Tank

The Springsoft twin tank demand water conditioner consists of two stainless steel media tanks operating in alternating stand-by along with one regenerant (brine) tank. This alternating stand-by system provides 24 hours of soft water each and every day. Since one resin tank is always operational, raw hard water does not enter the water supply during regeneration as would a single tank system. This system can regenerate multiple times per day if the demand requires.

To enable the system to fit under the dishwasher, the tanks must be small in size thus reducing total softening capacity. The twin tank system is not compromised by reduced capacity because it can recycle as often as required and is not burdened with insufficient reserve.


F Series

The Springsoft F Series is controlled by time-tested and proven piston-seal-spacer technology. With innovative features and exceptional quality the F Series offers a wide application range and minimal maintenance requirements. The F Series is a good fit for residential and light commercial applications and for plumbing sizes from 3/4" to 1.5".