Your Springsoft dosing system has many features not always found on standard chem feed systems. A water meter (similar to a municipal meter) is used to assure proper dosing. This proportional dosing system is an upgrade to standard flow switches because dosing is based on variable flow rates, as dosing requirements are different when filling a large tub than a water glass. This meter can also be used to monitor your water usage.

Based on your water test, a precalculated solution mixture will be established to mitigate guesswork and trial and error.

A large retention tank is used to assure proper contact time with the injected solution. This retention tank also allows percipitant to settle at the bottom of the tank so it does not enter the water supply. At scheduled intervals, this particulate can be flushed to drain.

Residual solution and taste and odor filtration is accomplished by a special media filter. This filter automatically backwashes at periodic intervals. The dosing/chem feed system is generally installed after the pressure tank before water is distributed to the water supply. Any water lines that are currently plumbed as untreated will remain untreated.

This system may be designed to use chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. Your Springsoft water specialist will assist in providing the best option for your application.


How It Works

1. Water enters your home & flows through the pressure tank
2. The meter measures the flow rate of the incoming water for proper dosing
3. The dosing pump withdraws solution from the solution tank and injects it at this point
4. Tank that holds solution mixture
5. Stored water reacts with injected solution for necessary contact time
6. Carbon media absorbs residual solution prior to entering home. If a water softener is present, water will flow from the carbon filter to the water softener
7. Use this tap for solution tank (4) water refill. The tap may be placed at the water softener outlet if a water softener is present


  • Create mixture for solution tank as necessary

  • Use blow down valve to flush contact tank at scheduled intervals

  • Injection point & pump require routine maintenance

  • Based on individual circumstances, carbon media will need to be replaced. Actual application and water usage will determine intervals