Sentinel Series Water Conditioners

The Most Intelligent Demand-Based
Water Conditioning Control

Benefits Of The Sentinel:C400SentBG2.gif (29260 bytes)

  • No matter how much hardness varies, the Sentinel 415 will
    automatically keep your water in perfect condition
  • The Sentinel is the most intelligent water conditioning control
    on the market today
  • The Sentinel monitors your water electronically with no moving
    parts for long trouble-free service
  • Ultimate Efficiency is gained, and with the C-series SST resin (pictured right),
    the benefits are even greater!






Key Features:415BG.gif (24550 bytes)

  • Softens - Reduces all hardness elements from raw water supply.
  • Removes Iron - Filters and conditions raw water to ultimate crystal clarity.
  • Durable corrosive-free salt storage system.
  • Fully automatic 5-cycle Sentinel control. for more efficient
    regeneration. The Sentinel 415 Automatic Control makes its intelligent
    regeneration decisions based on actual, true state of the water
    conditioner's resin and the degree of hardness in your water, not
    on time- or volume-based estimates. By initiating regenerations based
    on the actual usage and system performance, the Sentinel 415 improves
    efficiency, and cuts operating cost. It will save you up to 70% on
    salt and water usage alone!
  • Complete 5-year parts factory warranty.
  • No-Salt Alarm - If no brine is drawn through the resin bed of the
    softener, the Sentinel 415 sounds an alarm to remind you to check the
    salt level in the brine tank and add salt.
  • Attractive High-tech Styling Design - For user-friendly operations,
    the Sentinel 415's faceplate and cover feature contemporary colors and
    styling. The control blends easily with a tank jacket to make an eye-pleasing
    addition to any basement or utility room. The graceful high-style cover seals
    out the elements and with UV protectors,  adds extra weather-proofing for
    outdoor installations.
  • Built-in Power Failure Override Protection - The Sentinel 415 decides
    logically when to regenerate after a power failure based on where the system
    is in its current service cycle. A temporary power failure override time of
    two or four days is placed in the controller memory. If a normal demand
    regeneration does not occur within this time, the Sentinel 415 will initiate
    a regeneration on its own.
  • Built-in Self Diagnostic Capabilities - The Sentinel 415 continually
    monitors its own performance, as well as that of the entire conditioning
    system. The sentinel sounds an audible alarm signal or a set number of 'chirps'
    to indicate the specific problem... such as no salt, inadequate brining, or
    other system related conditions.
  • SST 60 Advantages vs. Conventional Softening Resin - Higher recovered
    capacity per pound of salt, lower leakages, better iron removal, faster
    regeneration and rinse, 50% less water required for regeneration cycle,
    physically stronger resin, and more resistant to oxidation.

Options Available For TT Models:

  • Control Cover Colors - White, Almond, and Black
  • Tank Color (Without Jacket) - Blue, Almond, or Black*
  • Tank Jacket Colors - White, Blue, Almond, Chrome, Black
  • Brine Tank Colors - White, Natural, Almond, Black, Blue
  • Brine Tank Sizes - 11x11x34, 14x14x34, 18x30, 18x35, 18x40
  • Valve Options - Bypass, Brass or Plastic Backplate
  • Connectivity Options - 3/4" & 1" Copper, PVC, or Threaded

*Black tank availability is limited Contact Us for further details.

All Parts Made Proudly In The U.S.A.

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